John McNeil


I write science fiction. Check out some of my stories below.

Stories of Sand
What will it cost Atna to find a place in the multiverse where her people’s religion is true?

The Class Exemplar
Two students at the Mentalist Academy compete to be named the Class Exemplar, but their rivalry goes too far.

Trial by Future
Amid the disasters of climate change in 2057, a tribunal puts the oldest man on trial for the profligacy of his generation.

In My Defense
The defendant explains why your so-called evidence proves nothing.

Rhodo’s Defense
A giant sentient rhododendron defends itself from fumigation on the space station where it has lived for over nine hundred years.

The Mushroom and the Cold
A disaffected mycologist searches for magic mushrooms to save his town.

The Bicyclist
A bicycle at the trailhead leads a park ranger into trouble.